this photo is of me when I decide to offer to write poetry on my Facebook page for people.

What is it all about?

Since reading Bill Bryson's book on a brief history of everything I have become more and more worried that our sum is just about evolution. Not that I don't love science. I love science and I frown deeply on religion. But if it's just evolution then what is the point, what are we all so worried about, and why are our lives so complicated and heavy?

So, I try to think about how amazing evolution is. Sometimes I win, sometimes I hide under my duvet and just try and forget it all.

And in between I get on courses to meditate, shamanic journeys, dance and anything else that takes me away from myself. Especially if it makes me laugh. I laugh a lot.

Inspired by the ups and downs and my own demise to ashes at some points, never to quite fly like a phoenix (!), my pursuit of a creative life continues. I can see in others and in myself that being creative makes me feel alive. It is, dare I say, soul energy. And without it we slump and plod.

Science and soul energy. Yes, I'm aware the probable paradox of the statements made so far. And I am aware that paradox exists in pretty much everything. That's the interesting bit, isn't it?

This website is dedicated to me for keeping going and to everyone else who forges, sweats, beats their chest to create time to be creative. I salute you.

Taking the last 15 years of writing and keeping going, this site aims to support that process with as much free information as we can give (do try our free writing course as it took us over a year to complete) and with paid services where we can't give offer our time free.

Enjoy and good luck.

- Alba

PS, this photo is of me when I decide to offer to write poetry on my Facebook page for people. Anything goes. It makes me laugh.


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Writing, Publishing & Mentoring

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